Your Event Management

Do you need assistance with your next event?

We are experienced event managers and able to assist with all your needs, no matter how big or small your event, to make it a big success


Why not let us take care of the many details associated with management and coordination. We can assist with as some or all aspects of your event.

We have systems in place to make your event organisation run smoothly.

Floor plan and bookings

We can offer you an interactive floor plan so that participants can book and pay for their booth or seating online

Marketing and promotion

Use our experience with marketing and promotion to target the audience for your unique event. We use a combination of social media and some old fashioned savvy.

Budgeting for profitability

It is one thing to make your dream come true, and another to make it a financial success. We can assist with those important steps that help you ending up in the black rather than the red.


Certain types of events are well positioned to attract sponsorship. We can assist with proposals that benefit your event and help reduce costs.


An appealing and functional web site is essential for showcasing your event and the talent you are presenting. This is an area where we can help build your presence in the marketplace.

Social Networking

A good web site needs to be supported by social media. Advertising through social media provides an excellent return on investment. We can assist in getting you the best return for your dollar in this fast developing medium.

Brain storming

Sometimes tweeking an idea can have an excellent benefits. Let us help you by looking at your proposals from a different perspective. 

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