Palmistry Practitioner’s Diploma


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Peter BurnsThe Palmistry Practitioners Diploma Course is an email correspondence course run by expoerienced teacher and consultant: Peter Burns

This is a comprehensive course, designed for those wishing to enter professional practice.

The emphasis throughout the course is reading the lines of the hands within the context of hand shape and structure. There are many palmists who know the basic meanings of the main lines. Far fewer are the number of palmists who know how the meanings of the lines change according to the shape and structure of the hands. Section 1 of the course is devoted to hand shape and structure.

Students are encouraged to take photos and prints of hands for study and research. In this modern era of mobile phones photos are easily exchanged.

This course is conducted by email. Lessons are emailed one at a time and when each is finished and the assignment questions completed the next lesson is sent.

Personal tutoring is provided with every lesson.
Assignments: Every lesson has assignments which you must complete before beginning the next lesson.
Duration: 27 lessons in total.
Start and finish: Start whenever you are ready. Work at your own pace. There is no pressure to complete lessons by specific deadlines. However the course must be completed within 2 years.

Further questions? Contact Peter Burns 

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