Portarlington Exhibitor Bookings

psychic expo

2 day expo

This is a 2 day expo.
If only wish to exhibit for one day the price is 60% of the 2 day fee:
2x2m $120 | 3x2m $156 | 4x2m $180

It is not possible to provide stall selection for one day exhibits.
If you would like to exhibit for one day only contact Peter Burns 
Email or phone/text: 0411 530 762 

How to book your stall for Saturday & Sunday

  1. Select your stall from the floor plan below
  2. Scroll down past the floor plan and click the dropdown arrow beneath your preferred stall size.

If your preferred stall size is not in a suitable position, or if you would prefer a larger stall, call Peter Burns on 0411 530 762

psychic expo

Lectures / workshops

Providing a free lecture or workshop is a great way to promote your business
To apply for guest speaker opportunity please email your lecture/workshop title, short description and photo to Peter Burns 
If you have any questions you can call or text Peter Burns at 0411 530 762. 

POWER: All stalls except those in the centre island have power access. Bring a long cord and power board.

To select your stall position click the dropdown arrow beneath your preferred stall size

psychic expo

Psychic expo

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