Meditation guide

meditation sitting in a chairWhile meditation practice requires practice it is gentle, open, and nonjudgmental. Focusing on the breath is an effective, always available way of cultivating presence.

Find a comfortable place to sit, either on the floor or in a straight-backed chair, feet firmly on the floor, hands resting on your lap.
If you are on the floor sit on a cushion.

Become aware of the flow of your breathing, the in and out of your breath. Feel the rise and fall of the belly. Focus on the physical sensation of breathing. There’s nothing else to do or change. When you notice your mind wandering away from the awareness of breathing just come back to the feeling of breathing. Keep returning to the feeling of your breath, in and out, in and out……

Dwell only on the flow of the breath. Let any waves of disturbance, joy or sadness, internal conversations, wash over you. Come home to the awareness of your breath, to yourself. Keep coming back, back the your presence in the present moment.

Repeat this exercise for 12 minutes every day.
Come back  to yourself.

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