Cancellation and refund policy

At Body n Soul Expos we contract bookkeeping, marketing, admin and graphic design services to book list and promote exhibitors at our expos, including entries on the booking page, floor plan exhibitors directory, etc… We take our job seriously and time money and effort is invested in making our expos a success.

Unfortunately some exhibitors, usually those new to self employment and in transition to professional business practice, get upset when told there is a cost for cancelling a booked stall.

What is not immediately obvious is the investment of time money and effort by Body n Soul Expos which happens behind the scenes in the months and weeks before an expo. When an exhibitor cancels, for whatever reason,  we need to make new arrangements and invest more time and energy. We think it’s only fair that we be reimbursed for some of the costs which have been invested on your behalf. This reimbursement is reflected in our cancellation and refund policy.

Cancellation and refund policy

  • Cancellations should be advised asap.
  • All cancellations incur a $35 admin fee.
  • Swapping stall positions incurs a $20 admin fee.
  • Cancelling within 14 days of the expo: 50% of stall fees will be refunded; except if a suitable replacement is found and approved by Body n Soul Expos.
  • Cancelling within 7 days of the expo: NO monies will be refunded , except if a suitable replacement is found and approved by the organiser. 
  • No credit or refund is given for failure to attend an expo, for any reason whatsoever.

Your agreement

By participating as an exhibitor at a Body n Soul Expo you are agreeing to these cancellation and refund policy.

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