Benefits in exhibiting

90% of visitors are female between 18-55 YOA with a strong interest in readings, health & wellbeing.

Benefits in Exhibiting with Body n Soul Expos 

  1. Build trust and loyalty – At our expo you get the opportunity to meet customers in person. Personal face-to-face meetings are an excellent way to build trust and loyalty, and remind old customers of the services and benefits you offer.
  2. New opportunties: A place to offer your services, sell or launch new products, meet new customers, and maintain customer relations.
  3. Reach a targeted market: In our advertising and on Facebook we have specifically targeted people who are interested in alternative ideas, readings, healing, and personal wellbeing.
  4. Exhibitors are able to offer a real life experience for your customers to meet you, and to see, touch, hear and even smell your product.
  5. Feedback: An opportunity to receive invaluable feedback on your products or services.
  6. Broaden you market reach: meet new customers visiting exhibitors in associated fields.
  7. Networking: The opportunity to network with like-minded people. There’s nothing like networking with fellow exhibitors and visitors with business interests to develop new alliances and strategies for success.
  8. New sales leads – Visitors are qualified leads. The’ve had the opportunity to view the Exhibitor Directory and the Lecture / Workshop Schedule, and have demonstrated their interest by paying an admission fee. You are exposed to a target audience. By exhibiting you can get your message across to these visitors and grow your sales. Contacts generated at our expos have a high conversion rate.

  9. Present new products or services – Lift your profile by using the conference as a springboard for new products and services. Offer an incentive and increase awareness.

  10. Enter new markets – Exhibiting is a very effective way of reaching new clients and extending your reach.

  11. Presence and position – Your presence at an expo helps establish your position in your special niche in the eyes of visitors. Impressions count and this is a valuable opportunity to show yourself and your business in a very positive light.

  12. Distributor opportunities – It is very common for those with products or services that can be on-sold to be approached by other retailers or agents seeking new business lines.

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