Bacchus Marsh Exhibitor Bookings

Where: Bacchus Marsh Public Hall, 207 Main St
When: Sunday October 20 2019

To book a booth space

  1. Consult the floor plan below
  2. To book your preference click your preferred booth in the list below the floor plan and follow the prompts.
    (Stalls in the centre island have no access to power)

To select your stall, click your preference from the links below
Remaining available stalls are shown in blue below
Stalls already booked are crossed out

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  • Payment: Booths cannot be reserved without payment. Part-payments not accepted. 
  • Tables: 1.2m tables are NOT supplied. They can be purchased from stores like Bunnings.
                  1.8m (trestle size) tables can be hired for $15.
  • Chairs are free
  • Power access: Only the stalls around the perimeter have power access. Bring a long lead and a power board. All cords and power boards must be tagged and tested.
    The stalls in the centre island do not have power access.

Lectures / workshops

Providing a free lecture or workshop is a great way to promote your business
To apply for guest speaker opportunity please email your lecture/workshop title, short description and photo to Peter Burns 
Preference is given to lectures/workshops which attract people to the expo.

If you have any questions you can call or text Peter Burns at 0411 530 762. 

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