Benefits in exhibiting

90% of visitors are female between 24-55 YOA with a strong interest in readings, health & wellbeing.

Advantages of exhibiting with Body & Soul Holistic Expos

  1. A unique opportunity to meet your potential customers face to face.
  2. Balance of exhibitors: a balance between readers and practitioners and those offering products. Our goal is to offer customers variety in order to meet their diverse needs. It is our intention to limit the number of exhibitors offering similar services/products. While we do not promise that you will have no competition, we aim to minimise the number.
  3. Flexibility: A place to offer your services, sell or launch new products, meet new customers, and maintain customer relations.
  4. Reach a targeted market: In our advertising and on Facebook we have specifically targeted people who are interested in alternative ideas, readings, healing, and personal wellbeing.
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  5. Exhibitors are able to offer a real life experience for your customers to meet you, and to see, touch, hear and even smell your product.
  6. Feedback: An opportunity to receive invaluable feedback on your products or services.
  7. Broaden you market reach: meet new customers visiting exhibitors in associated fields.
  8. Networking: The opportunity to network with like-minded people.

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Tips for Exhibitors

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