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Geelong Exhibitor Bookings

Geelong psychic expoHow to book your stall

  1. Select your stall from the floor plan below
  2. Scroll down to the list below the floor plan and click your preferred stall number

If your preferred stall size is not in a suitable position please call Peter Burns on 0411 530 762 
For larger stalls call Peter Burns on 0411 530 762 

Lectures / workshops

Lectures / presentations are an excellent way to promote your services.Deakin floor plan
To apply for guest speaker opportunities click here

POWER: All stalls have power access at this venue

2m stalls 

Stall # 01        Stall # 02      Stall # 03      Stall # 11     Stall # 12     Stall # 13A     Stall # 13B   
Stall # 14        Stall # 15      Stall # 16      Stall # 17     Stall # 18     Stall # 19        Stall # 20      
Stall # 21        Stall # 22      Stall # 23      Stall # 24     Stall # 25     Stall # 29        Stall # 30    
Stall # 31        Stall # 32      Stall # 33      Stall # 38     Stall # 39     Stall # 40        Stall # 41      
Stall # 42        Stall # 43      Stall # 44      Stall # 45     Stall # 46     Stall # 47        Stall # 48    
Stall # 49        Stall # 50      Stall # 51

3m stalls

Stall # 04      Stall # 05     Stall # 06      Stall # 07   Stall # 09   Stall # 36      Stall # 37

4m Stalls

Stall # 08      Stall # 26      Stall # 35

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Marlene Day

Marlene Day offers doTerra oils.

Discover how essential oils can transform the way you manage your health. These natural chemical compounds are life changing.

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Soul Sisters Harmony

Carmel DuffCarmel Duff from Soul Sisters Harmony offers a range of aromatherapy blends for harmony and wellbeing.

Carmel specialises in assisting people get a beter sleep and reduce anxiety with a range of blends.

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Allendale Alchemy

Allendale Alchemy will be presenting their entire range of Artisan Soaps, Scrubs, Butters, Balms and Boffles, handcrafted with natural, nourishing and skin loving ingredients. They’re Pure, Palm Free and Perfect for Sensitive Skin.

We are proud to be cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

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Discount tickets

Discount tickets 6 eachTickets to the Werribee expo on Sunday April 24 are $10 each.
However if you bring a friend and each ticket will cost $6 each.

Admission fee includes

Access to psychics, mediums, tarot card readers, and other readers.
For busy times most readers have a booking sheet. Just put your name on the list and browse or listen to a lecture while you wait.

Access to holistic and well-being practitioners & associated products. Enjoy a massage.

Opportunity to meet professionals involved with healing, personal empowerment, growth/transformation face-to-face and discuss your needs.

All day free access to lectures .

The opportunity to connect, share and enjoy yourself in a community of people seeking a better life.

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Astro Overview for October 2015

By Alison Feiner

Alison Feiner

Alison Feiner

The second half of September was quite a powerful turning point with a Solar eclipse on the 13th, Saturn moving into Sagittarius on the 19th, Pluto changing direction and Mars moving into Virgo on the 26th and a super moon lunar eclipse in Aries on the 28th. This was reflected in the change of prime minister for Australia on the 15th and recent chaos in the stock markets which often coincides with eclipse season.
At the start of October Mercury is still retrograde in the sign of Libra, turning direct on October 10th. This is often a time of mixed messages or poor communication. Virgo energy is building in October with Jupiter and Mars already there, and Venus and the Moon moving into the sign on the 9th October. The Sun in Libra is emphasising equality and partnerships but the Virgo energy will bring discernment with a tendency to be over critical (especially on the 11th when Venus squares Saturn). On the positive side this could be a good time to look after your health and relationship by exercising or eating well together.
The new Moon in Libra on the 13th is opposite Uranus which brings sudden or unexpected new beginnings. On the 17th Venus opposes Neptune bringing possible romance but also some confusion. It’s probably better to wait till after the 17th to sign any agreements. The next day would be better as Mars joins Jupiter indicating beneficial actions.
Avoid burning any bridges on the 23rd as Mercury squares off with powerful and manipulative Pluto. This energy could have you saying more than you intended or being on the wrong end of malicious gossip. The Sun moves into Scorpio the next day bring more intensity to the mix.
Usually when Venus and Jupiter meet up it is a feel good time, however Venus and Jupiter both hate being in Virgo, so when they meet on the 26th the blessings will be mixed. Also on that day Mercury opposes Uranus bringing the unexpected message or a sudden change of mind.
At the end of the month Mars and then Venus both pass the degree where the Solar eclipse was on September 13th. This may trigger aftershocks for those who have planets or chart points at 20deg Virgo. Take a break and relax with the family on the last weekend as the Sun trines dreamy Neptune and the Moon goes into family friendly Cancer.

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Free Astrology Report

Free birth chart reportEveryone who comes to the Geelong Expo is emailed a FREE astrology birth chart report.
What does astrology say about you?
Can astrology identify key character traits, strengths and challenges?
Not only do you receive a free report, you also receive access to a gathering of alternative practitioner professionals, psychics, mediums, tarot readers, massage therapists, people offering alternative perspectives on life, and much more.
Have you ever been to a laughter session? Want to feel a rush of endorphins? This is your opportunity to laugh out loud.
Have you ever tried meditation? This is your chance to sample some of the amazing benefits of this ancient technique.
All this and more for only $8. Consider yourself invited!

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Meditation guide

meditation sitting in a chairWhile meditation practice requires practice it is gentle, open, and nonjudgmental. Focusing on the breath is an effective, always available way of cultivating presence.

Find a comfortable place to sit, either on the floor or in a straight-backed chair, feet firmly on the floor, hands resting on your lap.
If you are on the floor sit on a cushion.

Become aware of the flow of your breathing, the in and out of your breath. Feel the rise and fall of the belly. Focus on the physical sensation of breathing. There’s nothing else to do or change. When you notice your mind wandering away from the awareness of breathing just come back to the feeling of breathing. Keep returning to the feeling of your breath, in and out, in and out……

Dwell only on the flow of the breath. Let any waves of disturbance, joy or sadness, internal conversations, wash over you. Come home to the awareness of your breath, to yourself. Keep coming back, back the your presence in the present moment.

Repeat this exercise for 12 minutes every day.
Come back  to yourself.

Body & Soul Holistic Expo in Portarlington
Body & Soul Holistic Expo Torquay

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